Such luxury as hope – Creative writing

                      Such luxury as hope

She woke up. The day was going to be long and it was just 6 am.  She sat in her bed and opened her eyes lazily, Looked out of the window: No sun. This winter was killing her; she looked for some other colors, some other hues, some warmth instead of Continue reading Such luxury as hope – Creative writing

2. Whose dreams?

    Apart from being useful and challenging using a language can be also a creative way of expressing your ideas.

                                    Whose dream?


It’s a beautiful sunrise, open your eyes… let’s dance and jump and be crazy sometimes. It’s a beautiful sunrise and you should also rise and open your eyes…

It’s a beautiful life to live and be happy! So many beautiful things constantly happen, you just got to be awake, open up your eyes, and you just got to see it yourself!! Continue reading 2. Whose dreams?