Essay Contest Winner!

Essay Contest was announced earlier among participants of TOEFL Writing Webinar! So we are happy to share that the Winner is already known! It is Tatev Vardanyan who won this amazing masterpiece by Jane Austen! We congratulate Tatev and would like to share her work with you! 🙂

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People should read only those books that are about real events, real people, and established facts.

I do not agree with the statement that people should read only those books that are about real events, real people, established facts. I think, people should read different kinds of books on various areas. My opinion is based on many reasons.

Firstly, the book is a storehouse of knowledge and information. Reading books always has great importance and advantages in our life. In these days, people need to know a great deal of many things. But the books are numerous, such as historical, vocation and fiction books, and I thing that all these types must be read by people.

Historical books, based on real events, real people are good teachers for us. We can find others wrong decisions and faults to avoid using them in our life. By reading history we can also know our nationality. It helps us to depict our traditions to new generations.

Without reading vocation books, the specialists cannot increase their skills. For self-improvement everyone must read books that convey the latest information on the subject in which he deals.

In my opinion, it is also necessary to read books that contain fiction too. Every person in his childhood makes the first steps of exploring the world by unforgettable fairytales which are based on imagination and unreality. The fairytales teach the child goodness and kindness, to distinguish the bad things and the good ones. In fiction stories the fly of imagination is immense, nothing is impossible, rather than in the reality.

In conclusion, I want to say that reading various types of books helped mankind to invent such a wonderful  and developing world that we have nowadays. Our age of advanced technologies is the result of combination of some vocation capacities and immense fantasy of human mind.

Tatev Vardanyan