International work/study experience – the biggest decision of your life!

Nowadays there are a lot of opportunities to widen your vision. Many international programs such as AGBU, AESEC, DAAD, Erasmus, U.S. Exchange Programs, SALTO can help to achieve this goal, train new generation to be strong and bring up open-minded leaders.

Besides this programs create new opportunities and can help to understand the recent standards and become an important addition to one’s resume.

But let’s be realists. Behind every success story there is a lot of hard work and the most unpleasant part is the paper work!
YES. You need to fill out application form, write a motivation letter (or even two), prepare translations of your school or university diplomas, write a resume (CV), get recommendation letters and of course have a proof of Language Proficiency.

Let us give you some advice about paper work!
We are sure you’ve heard it many times but we suggest to START PREPARING as early as possible. You may be surprised and frustrated by realizing how hard it is to get all the required papers and documents on time. The responsible people may be hard to contact, papers may be lost. Ultimately start preparing 2 or 3 months before. Ideally you can make a plan and follow it step by step, but unfortunately we are just humans and if you realize it even for 60% you are a HERO!
The important thing is NOT TO BE AFRAID and not to think that someone is better or more deserving than you. That’s not true!
Mostly, all papers need to be filled out in English, so you need to start learning it as soon as possible…

Let’s also not forget about the language certificate, which you will surely need!
You can choose among international language tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments, and Pearson PTE Academic etc.
Probably the most recognized tests are TOEFL and IELTS.
Here is the information you need to know. The preparation time for these tests depends on the student’s language proficiency level and can vary from 4-6 or sometimes even take 8 months. (One more proof that you better start preparing as soon as possible).
Both tests consist of 4 parts:
Regardless of you language proficiency level, be it Intermediate or even advanced is not enough to complete the test with the desired score. The key is there are special requirements for each part of the test and that must be met by the participant to be successful. This video can help you to learn more about all parts of the TOEFL exam.

Nowadays there are a lot of possibilities to get prepared for the test. For example it’s possible to find almost everything on the internet. However, you might waste long hours on searching and separating useful and useless information instead of concentrating on the right material.
It’s also important to understand that the test is not only just a formality; it shows if you are really prepared to live and work in English speaking environment, communicate with your professors or coworkers, or maybe conduct important correspondence at work or write theses for your Master’s or Doctoral degree.

As you can see learning English and preparing for international language test can be a life-changing investment in your future and a great start of your journey!

Still have questions? Just ask them in the comments section below!


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