Want to travel to EUROPE or the U.S.? Here is what you need to do!

More and more students tend to leave their homelands and travel abroad for studies and better job opportunities. In this article we will tell you some ways of planning and bringing your dreams into life.

What is important to know? Firstly decide what your aim is. Either you want to go for studies or for work, or maybe you want to do an internship or even better you want to be a volunteer?

Currently there are numerous programs that are looking for candidates for different work/study programs and indeed the program organizers have their own criteria for a proper applicant.

Let’s think who is a proper applicant for studying abroad. Of course this description greatly depends of the study field and profession, however there are some criteria that are common for most of the programs.

Firstly, you need to choose the language of the course/program you are interested in. The greatest percentage of students traveling abroad chooses English as the language they want to have the course/work in.  This means they have to prove their language skills and meet the demands of the program organizers to become a candidate and later to be enrolled in the course.  This can be done by means of various international language tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments, Pearson PTE Academic etc.

Probably the most recognized ones are TOEFL and IELTS. Hundreds of students every year practice and take these language assessment tests that are vital in the process of applying to any university or organization. The preparation time for these tests depending on the student’s language knowledge level can vary from 4-6 or sometimes even 8 months. Some students take the test not once but twice of even 3 times until they get the desired score.

Language assessment tests are very important and they can influence another important aspect of student’s study –scholarship.

Scholarship is a financial help given to the brightest students to cover their study expanses partially or sometimes even fully. Some Students get full scholarships and study completely free and while doing so they get monthly pension for their living. As we know students don’t always get a visa that allows them to work full or even part time, so scholarships are probably as important as language assessment tests.

If you plan to study abroad but you are worried about the money and living expanses then you should indeed try for a scholarship. Nowadays Internet is a great way to find out information about universities and organizations that provide scholarships to international students. For example one of the most popular ones is probably Erasmus +. This organization keeps on sponsoring international students exchange from all over the world. All you need to do is to apply for the scholarship write a cover/motivation letter and present your tests scores.

So try your luck, start learning languages, take international tests and create a good plan for a bright future!

Here are several organizations that may also interest you DAAD, KAAD, AGBU, TufenkianBritish council. Here is also the list of Scholarships only for Armenians.

Do you have questions? Please ask them below or write us to elp.enlight@gmail.com

©”Enlight” Project, Helen Voskanyan


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