I hate the New Year – Հեղինե Ոսկանյան

Cold morning, frozen windows, very pale sunlight is knocking lazily and trying its best to wake you up…     The last day of the year!! So many things to do, it is probably the longest day throughout the whole year and you hate it! Today is the day when you have to become a guru of cooking and the magician of table laying. You have to be in high spirits and smile even though you are so lazy to even get out of your warm bed and throw yourself into the crazy routine. This is a hell-you think. But there isn’t much you can actually do.

So you get up, sit in your bed look at your soft still-warm pillow realizing you are not going to see it soon…

Mom is rushing. She is all in housework. We got to clean the house as if our guests would come and check every single corner of it. She is cleaning and washing and you just stand there and wonder if this is your mom or some kind of robot!!! What happens to mothers in this day? Why they transfer into never-being-tired housewives whose only goal is to have a shiny floor and a huge table with cooking for an entire month?

You are terrified! Once again an old forgotten feeling of “ I hate this all” crosses your mind.  Anyways… there you go! Mom notices you standing in front of your bedroom door yawning uninterested and bored. That look full of blaming and accusation is unforgettable. You better get moving, do something! Now your brain half-asleep thinks of the easiest thing to do! Oh yes!!! I will do the dishes! You hurry to the kitchen… OH NO!!!

A mountain of dishes is waiting for you from early morning! You grab the sponge and it takes you about an hour to conquer this mountain.  That was just the beginning! The hellish day will go on and on.

 -Why is everyone so excited and happy today? It’s just a day when nothing special happens, when people just eat and drink and wish a “happy new year” which will pass more or less the same as the previous year.  If only we were spending this day on a warm beach wearing Santa hats and holding a champagne bottle each of us and singing crazy songs dancing crazy dances and feeling the sunshine on our skins…. That would be a celebration of a new life and a new happiness.

Mom’s voice awakes you from your dreams!! Everything is ready it’s almost midnight!! Get your glass ready! We are going to watch president’s new year’s old wishes and promises, drink and watch firework!  Wohoo !!!  Happy New Year. Even if it’s old as the Earth even if it is boring as ever but people never stop hoping and wishing the best for their dear ones!


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