1. The Purple Forest

    Dear readers, I’ve started this tale as I promised my friend Jaded to write about our imaginary world. So I had this idea in my mind for quite a long time and now I finally wrote these thoughts and ideas down. So I hope you will enjoy reading it  🙂


                                        The Guard 

    She was watching the red Sun hiding behind the purple skies; slowly and soft, laying its way through the vanilla clouds shining and teasing with beauty and warmth; paradise just like home…  The day was coming to the end.

    A slight feeling of sadness and loneliness covered her thoughts as she looked at the hundreds of jars she was going to guard… The kingdom chose her, she was to secure and preserve the jars, and she was going to be the only one who will transfer the massage of their ancestors to the coming generations. But what was awaiting her? Upcoming centuries and immortal guard of the lost kingdom called Purple Forest. That was her home, the place she belonged and now it is gone.  It was destroyed by the time and life, it lived out its time being and now the only hope to be reborn again were these jars with souls of all the forest dwellers.10550922_841654155858871_1679251132611947795_n

    That day she will never forget. For the last time she said good bye to her mother and felt a tender kiss on her forehead, saw her father’s proud and tearful eyes, looking up on her for the last time, and saw her people, her Queen-who gave her the last order but there was no arrogance in her eyes there was just hope…  The guard also saw HIM for the last time. He wasn’t hopeful or proud but he carried endless love and devotion in his eyes. He loved her and she loved him too, but they were going to be separated for centuries by  a long dormant journey which would may be give them a chance to come together again and be happy, a happiness waited for hundred years a dream cherished for ages and love carried through dreams and nightmares. He took her hands looked into her eyes and promised to love her forever, «forever is nothing when you have a dream» he said.

  – Forever is nothing when you have a dream…She whispered to herself as the night came over. She remembered the Purple Forest- a magic land with magic creatures. Everything was in harmony; the purple forest dwellers lived in peace and never had any wars. Their land was beautiful: The purple lake that was sparkling with yellow lights at nights as if the stars were dancing on its surface, the valley of dreams, where trees were so tall with purple and yellow leaves, in fall the colors changed and the forest would be colored with all the colors of rainbow.  Rivers that were flowing through the Valley of dreams making up one big waterfall falling down with noise and watering the fields of purple flowers.  Small villages with beautiful wooden houses painted in purple, pink or yellow looked like a fairyland but ordinary people lived there, people who believed in love and magic. The sunsets were so peaceful and the dawns so fresh! Everything there was filled with love and happiness. In the big purple palace that looked like a tower, rising above all other houses in the Land, lived the Purple queen. She was the heart of the land, the symbol of beauty and peace. She loved her people and people loved her.  The only enemy of this land was the time. The purple forest could only exist for several centuries. The time was killing it day after day. Only in jars they could safe their souls and transfer it through the time.

     She had strange dreams that night, she saw herself alone in the darkness and the jars with purple lights were flying away from her, she was running to catch them but she couldn’t.  Then she saw him in the jar he was looking at her and repeating «forever is nothing, my love…»

    She woke up in the morning in a cold sweat.  The jars were still there hanging like small fireflies in the air.  They were to light up her nights with beloved purple light and remind her of her destiny and that was Loneliness for centuries.

    She had to find the right place the right land for the new kingdom. But where was she now? All she knew before was gone. She had to move. Jars were too big to carry with in this way and she remembered about the magic given by the queen: she could make the jars small and they would make place in beg.  All alone on this new land she started her way, the road was so long and mysterious.  Thoughts and doubts mixed with sadness and fear where walking next to her. But she was chosen for a reason.  There was something about this fragile girl with blue eyes and purple hair-the guard of The Jars of Souls…


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