Some friends come into our lives for just a short time. Others come and stay forever. Think about your closest friends. How long have you known each other?

Some people say that their spouse or family member is their best friend. Others say they have known their closest friends for many years. And some great friends haven’t known each other all that long, but knew right away that there was a connection, or bond, between them. Could it be that there is a twin spirit out there for each of us?Happy-Friendship

What turns a stranger or acquaintance into a friend? Do you know right away if you are going to like someone? Some people think that any stranger can become a friend if they spend enough time together. That may be true for some people. But one thing most of us agree on is that true friendships seem to happen when people have something in common.

Perhaps we see a part of ourselves in our friends. Maybe seeing the good in them helps us to see the good in us as well.



spouse husband or wife – կին կամ ամուսին

bond connection, something that makes two things stick together -կապ

twin spirit someone very similar to you –երկվորյակ հոգիներ, քեզ շատ նման ինչ որ մեկը

stranger – someone you don’t know at all – անծանոթ

acquaintance someone you don’t know very well – ծանոթ

right away – immediately – անմիջապես

in commonthings that you like or dislike are the same – ընդհանուր



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